Plasma LCD LED Hire

If you need a Plasma or LCD screen delivered and set up on an exhibition stand, at a trade show venue or event, then Expo AV can help.

We have by far the largest stock holding of Plasma, LCD & LED panels in Perth, Western Australia. So if you are thinking  LED Hire Perth, think Expo AV !  No other AV rental company in Perth can provide the volume of identical 42" panels or the variety of HD 32-70" panels on a short term basis so you get a standard look and feel across your stand or entire exhibition.

At the core of our fleet are robust Full HD LED panels that look fantastic. Supporting high definition signals, you can be sure that your message is portrayed in a clear and professional manner.


When considering your presentation display requirements, we are able to offer multiple options.  32" 40" 42" 50" 55" 60" 65" & 70" LED screens, all with built in USB media players.  All screens are suitable for 3 m x 3m booths and can be mounted on either a desktop stand,mounted on the wall of the booth, or placed on a free standing 2m plasma stand.

Mounting Options :

Desktop Stand :

This option allows for placement of your screen on a desk or plinth and ideal when you have clients seated and you want to demonstrate content on the screen.

Plasma Wall Mount :

There are many advantages to wall mounting your rental screen. It gets the panel nice and high, so your prospects get to see your message, and leaves you more room to operate in the confined space of an expo booth.  Our expert installation crew can work miracles when it comes to mounting your plasma in the exact spot you need it.

Having worked with most of the major stand builders and exhibition companies that come to Perth, we have achieved some spectacular results with custom stands. Whether it's standard mounting to a flat surface, building screens into recessed apertures, or completely enclosing screens in walls or picture frame enclosures, we're pretty confident we can achieve an outstanding result.

Plasma Stand :

The 2m black plasma stand with shelf, is by far the most popular option for trade shows, exhibition booths, events and in particular open areas where no booth wall is available, such as a stage or meeting room.


This is a popular choice and can be easily installed in any space from a 3m x 3m booth upwards.

The shelf is removable and reversible so if you do not want to have a DVD player or laptop on show, you can either hide the laptop/dvd at the rear, or request extra long cables to conceal them all together.

Well placed LCD screens allow you to broadcast branding of events at the venue entrance, play promotional material on your booth and generally attract the attention of passing prospects with some movement and sound. It's the next best thing to a video wall in terms of making you stand out above the surrounding competition.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your requirements, please call the number below.