Expo Organisers

Are you an exhibition or trade show organiser ?

How would you like to partner with an experienced AV company specialising in exhibitions?

If you are organising an expo or trade show, then we would welcome the opportunity to talk.

We believe we carry the largest fleet of AV rental equipment designed specifically for the exhibition marketplace.

Our years of exhibition experience means we know the business and know how to hang screens no matter what booth or shell scheme is being used.

Whether it is seamless shell scheme, octanorm, maxima, custom MDF stands, or free-standing equipment, we have the tools, brackets and know how to get the job done.

Av equipment hire for Stand builders in Western Australia


What's in it for you ?

Option 1: We will make our entire AV fleet available to you at trade rates that you can resell at a significant margin to your exhibitors.

Option 2: Make us your preferred supplier and supply us exhibitor contact details well in advance of the event and we will rebate a percentage of the AV revenue we invoice at your event.

We are able to provide

  • Large quantities of 32, 42 and 50" LED and LCD screens
  • 55", 60", 65" & 70" LED / LCD screens
  • Touchscreens 32" 46" & whopping 65" wall-mountable unit.
  • Wall mount kits, desktop stands, and floor stands to suit.
  • Playback devices like DVD, Blu-ray & Media players
  • Laptops, Computers, Printers, Networks, Internet
  • Projectors, screens, lecterns
  • PA systems, Radio Mics, cordless or corded mics on stands
  • Theatrette setups

Basically anything you would find related to audiovisual on the exhibition floor or in and around expo booths.

Currently, we do not provide rigging, lighting & power or staging & drapes.

Also, we do not provide expo shell scheme walling, partitions, carpets, furniture, or plants.

Ready to do business ?

Call the number below to get the ball rolling.

Stand Builders

Audio Visual services for Stand Builders.

Are you a local or visiting stand builder coming to Perth

Partner with Expo AV for the most extensive range of AV equipment specially tailored to the exhibition industry.

Av equipment hire for Stand builders in Western Australia

We have a long track record in the expo industry in Perth and the greater metro area.

Our technicians can pre-cable under floors as required and have early access to most venues ahead of large events.

Select from a huge selection of AV equipment to meet your client's needs.   Need video walls,  a dozen matching 40" screen's on the one stand, touch screens, internet kiosk computers?  We've got you covered.

Our warehouse is 20 minutes from the PCEC, so when the client inevitably changes their mind and asks for a smaller or larger screen or a different coloured iPad, we've got you covered.

As well as a lot of experience and knowledge in making event AV run smoothly, we've also possibly got the largest rental fleet in WA - including

  • 130+ LED / LCD / screens from 32" to 70"
  • 2 x 2 46" panel HD video walls - 3 x 3 40" LED Video walls
  • Laptops with PowerPoint, DVD, Blu-ray & media players for content playback
  • HDMI & USB extenders (over Cat5e) for very long video and control cable runs
  • Computers, Printers, Network equipment
  • PA systems & installable PA AMPs with wall mountable JBL Control 23 speakers for elegant audio enhancement
  • Data Projectors, free standing & wall mountable projector screens
  • Touchscreens  32", 46" and a whopping 65" wall mountable
  • Lecterns, Head-worn Radio Mics, Handheld Radio Mics
  • iPads, iPad desk & floor stands, generic tablet floor stand

Given enough time, a hole saw & unlimited gaffa tape, there isn't a stand audiovisual challenge that we can't work out.

We can also offer you as a stand builder an extremely competitive trade price on our products so you can make a healthy margin but still offer your clients a competitive price.

To request a trade price list, or to request a quote

Please phone the number below

Venue Manager

Are you a Venue Manager ?

Need Audio Visual Rental equipment for clients ?

How would you like to make more money from the Audio Visual requirements of the clients using your venue?

You can do this easily by partnering with Expo AV  to supply the exact equipment your clients require on an event by event basis.

Expo AV partners with hotels, function centres, restaurants, and other venues that cater for meetings and events. We provide AV equipment at wholesale rates that you can mark up significantly and resell to your clients.

We have marketing material that you can re-brand and distribute to clients booking your venue to maximise the client's spend and realise revenue that you may previously have been leaving on the table.

Picture of AV rental equipment available for venue managers


Don't have in house technical staff? - not a problem. We can provide technical assistance to set up equipment prior to events 24/7 and can also provide technicians if required for the duration of larger complex events.

We can enable you to offer your clients a large range of standard presentation equipment such as PA systems, projectors, screens as well as the equipment you are probably not offering at present such as digital signage panels, video walls, phone charge stations, computers, printers, networking, wireless internet devices, etc

Now for the really exciting part. Once we have started working together and got familiar with the way each other operates, we may be able to provide your events team with stock to hold onsite at your venue to enable you to service AV requirements at short notice. You simply inform us via email whenever equipment has been utilised thus saving delivery and tech service charges which you can then pass on to your clients (or bottom line)

Interested?  Then give us a call and we can drop out some sample marketing brochures and start working on tailoring some in-house marketing material with your venue brand.

Alternatively, if you wish to remain "hands-off" as far as Audio Visual services supplied at your venue, then we can structure a 'rebate' system where we will refund you a percentage of the business conducted at your venue that you have referred to Expo AV.

So are you ready to start making more money for your venue?

Please call on the number below to discuss your immediate or future requirements.

Public Address PA Hire

Public Address PA Hire

If you need to be heard above the crowd, then we can provide the solutions.

Whether you need a PA system for a small room or a large gathering, we have an extensive range of PA systems and amplifiers to get you heard.

PA Equipment and Public address systems for hire in Western Australia

Starting with self-contained spruiker boxes and a choice of handheld, lapel, or head-worn microphones, this option is perfect for subtle audio enhancement in a trade show environment, especially where audio restrictions may be in place.  These can also be useful to enhance the audio from a TV, where the inbuilt audio just doesn't cut it.

For stylish or upmarket custom stands, you probably don't want a big black box cluttering up the stand.  This is where our installable PA Amplifiers and stylish JBL speakers come into play - these small but powerful speakers deliver quality audio on your stand but are visually subtle.

installable audio for exhibition booths

They can be connected to multiple audio sources like radio microphones for presenters, laptops, DVD players or pretty much any audio source.

For larger venues or coverage our selection of large mixer amps and passive EV speakers will cover large areas both inside and out.

The speakers can be daisy-chained to cover large distances and deliver crystal clear voice and audio to large gatherings.

Large PA Speaker system hire in WA

We stock and supply a vast array of audio options, including quality corded microphones. Head-worn, lapel and hand help radio microphones, mic stands, and all our amps accept multiple input sources to make mixing or switching between laptops, audio devices & microphones simple.


Please call the number below to discuss your requirements.


Projector Hire

Projector Hire

Projector Hire Perth

Expo AV specialises in providing audio visual and computer equipment to the exhibition and events industries in Perth, Western Australia. This of course includes data projector hire for use in training room, classroom or meeting room scenarios.

Typically Projector Hire options would entail a desktop data projector and either a tripod or pull up screen.

Picture of a Data Projector available in Perth Western Australia


Although we can provide wall mounted pull down screens for use in expo booths.

The majority of our hire projectors are Sony, as we feel these are a tier 1 manufactured product, with extreme reliability which means they won't let you down halfway through a presentation. Projector hire is fairly straight forward, although there are a few things you should bear in mind when renting a projector.

Firstly, can you control the light?  Even the brightest projector will struggle in direct sunlight. If your venue has a lot of glass without the ability to control the light with blinds or curtains, then the results will be disappointing.  If you cannot control the light, then we would strongly suggest renting a large format LED screen

Secondly, what projection surface do you have to work with?  Very often, a white or light coloured wall will do the trick when using a data projector, however, the results on shiny surfaces, such as a whiteboard can be problematic.  The safest bet is to opt for a free-standing projector screen. These come in a variety of sizes and formats.

Typically our most popular projector screen is the pull-up floor standing screen.

Picture of a Pull up data projector screen available for hire in Perth WA

These pull up projector screens are particularly useful for exhibition booths with limited space, as they can be set upright against the boot wall.

If you need a bigger 2-metre screen area for larger audiences, then the next option up is a traditional tripod screen.

Tripod Data Projector Screen available for hire in Perth Western Australia

The tripod screen works well in open areas and on stage, where you are able to get the projector 2 to 3 metres in front of the screen.  This isn't that suitable for a 3m x 3m exhibition stand, because the space between the projector and the screen cannot be used and it is difficult to get the data projector far enough from the screen so that the projected image fills the entire screen area.

Now being resourceful exhibition experts, we do have solutions for exhibition stands where clients insist on a projector.

The 1st stage is to devise a mounting solution for the particular shell scheme (the type of walls) being used and then to hang an installable projector screen in the booth.

Pull Down Projector Screen for exhibition booth walls, available for hire in Perth WA

Having a proper high quality pull down screen will give you way way better results both in terms of aesthetics and image quality than trying to pin a sheet to the booth wall or velcro'ing a square of white plastic, both of which are common mistakes that result in a poor presentation to the prospective clients you are trying to impress.

Please call the number below to discuss your requirements and we'll be happy to advise on the best solution for the presentation environment.

LED and LCD TV Hire

LCD and LED Large Format TV Hire

If you need a large LED or LCD TV screen delivered and set up on an exhibition stand, at a trade show venue or event, then Expo AV can help.

We have by far the largest stock holding of Plasma, LCD & LED panels in Perth, Western Australia. So if you are thinking  LED Hire Perth, think Expo AV!  No other AV rental company in Perth can provide the volume of identical 42" panels or the variety of HD 32-70" panels on a short term basis so you get a standard look and feel across your stand or entire exhibition.

At the core of our fleet are robust Full HD LED panels that look fantastic. Supporting high definition signals, you can be sure that your message is portrayed in a clear and professional manner.

LED LCD and Plasma TVs and monitors for hire in Perth WA

When considering your presentation display requirements, we are able to offer multiple options.  32" 40" 42" 50" 55" 60" 65" & 70" LED screens, all with built-in USB media players.  All screens are suitable for 3 m x 3m booths and can be mounted on either a desktop stand, mounted on the wall of the booth, or placed on a free-standing 2m TV stand.

Mounting Options :

Desktop Stand :

This option allows for placement of your screen on a desk or plinth and ideal when you have clients seated and you want to demonstrate content on the screen.

TV Wall Mount :

There are many advantages to wall mounting your rental screen. It gets the panel nice and high, so your prospects get to see your message, and leaves you more room to operate in the confined space of an expo booth.  Our expert installation crew can work miracles when it comes to mounting your plasma in the exact spot you need it.

Having worked with most of the major stand builders and exhibition companies that come to Perth, we have achieved some spectacular results with custom stands. Whether it's standard mounting to a flat surface, building screens into recessed apertures, or completely enclosing screens in walls or picture frame enclosures, we're pretty confident we can achieve an outstanding result.

2m Free Standing Large Format TV Stand :

The 2m black large format TV stand with shelf is by far the most popular option for trade shows, exhibition booths, events, and in particular open areas where no booth wall is available, such as a stage or meeting room.

TV Floor stand for large format LED and LCD display panels

This is a popular choice and can be easily installed in any space from a 3m x 3m booth upwards.

The shelf is removable and reversible so if you do not want to have a DVD player or laptop on show, you can either hide the laptop/DVD at the rear or request extra-long cables to conceal them all together.

Well placed LCD screens allow you to broadcast branding of events at the venue entrance, play promotional material on your booth, and generally attract the attention of passing prospects with some movement and sound. It's the next best thing to a video wall in terms of making you stand out above the surrounding competition.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your requirements, please call the number below.

Computer Hire

Computer Hire

In addition to our exhibition and event services, Expo AV can supply and set up large quantities of computer and networking equipment.

Exhibition Booth Computers and Laptops:

As part of an exhibition, we supply large-format plasma and LCD screens and in some cases a laptop or desktop computer to run it. Our laptops are all name brand IBM, Toshiba, or HP's with the latest updates and patches applied to ensure your hire experience is a good one.  All our laptops come with Microsoft Office which includes PowerPoint which is still the most popular presentation format in use, as well as several media player options so your content will play and loop without issues.

Picture of items available in the category of Computer and IT hire in Perth Western Australia

Registration Desks and Internet Kiosks:

We have sufficient stock to meet the most demanding registration desk requirements.  Typically we supply desktop small form factor HP computers, networked together with laser printers for printing receipts where required.

We work closely with all the major venues in Perth to ensure network and internet access is available to meet your requirements.

If you require short term computer equipment for sales events, sporting event registrations, elections, or pretty much anything, we have you covered.

As well as laptop and desktop computers, we also carry a large stock of iPads for the ultimate in mobility during your event.

Computer Hire Perth - Training Rooms

Expo AV has a large stock holding of desktop and notebook computers available for your training room requirements.

A typical training event will require a small server for file sharing and up to 30 computers or laptops per room that are networked together and hooked up to the internet. On larger training forum events, we have setup up multiple training rooms in this format, as well as networked presentation rooms and auditoriums and speaker prep areas.

Let us know your requirements - we cater for everything from a single laptop to the largest annual Government training events.


Another aspect of our Computer Hire activities is supplying laptops used for voting in community forums.  In this style of event, one laptop is provided per table to enable groups of participants to respond or vote on questions or issues raised in the forum.  The laptops are networked back to a central server for the collation of results, which gives immediate feedback. Typically held in large open venues, Expo AV has the network infrastructure to set up forum events where equipment is temporary and spread over a wide area.

Internet Cafes

Some large exhibitions provide delegates and exhibitors with an Internet Cafe. We have large numbers of identical black widescreen monitors and computers that will provide a professional upmarket look. We also have the ability to lock down equipment so that access is restricted to nominated websites if required.

Our computer technicians have exceptional networking and technical ability, so there is rarely a scenario we are not able to meet.

Please call the number below to discuss your requirements.


Audio Visual Services

Audio Visual Services

Expo AV operates in Perth Western Australia and provides audiovisual and computer rental equipment to the meetings & exhibition industry, training venues, hotels, function centres and similar.

Our team will arrive on time, set up your equipment, and remain available for the duration of the event to ensure your meeting, function, event or expo runs without a hitch.

Expo AV provides LED and LCD display panels ranging from 19" through to our monster 70" models as well as audio systems, wireless head-worn and handheld microphone systems, desktop and laptop computers, printers, data projectors and anything else you are likely to need for your exhibition, trade show, meeting or event.

Picture of Audio Visual Services for events, trade shows, conferences and meetings in Perth WA

As the only AV rentals company in Perth that truly specialises in Exhibitions and small venue functions, we feel we bring a wealth of knowledge that will ensure your exhibition stand or booth audiovisual runs without a hitch. Our expo crew knows what works to deliver maximum impact to your Perth Exhibition space and we have the track record to ensure you get the right gear at the right place and time and at the right price. We are a 100% pure AV company, not an electrical contractor or furniture rental business trying to do AV on the side.

Our wholesale division works with both local, eastern states and overseas stand builders to ensure our audiovisual equipment integrates seamlessly into custom stands delivered to Perth. We also act on behalf of Eastern States Audio Visual companies and provide a full service using our local equipment, or taking delivery of their stock and performing the installation, client testing, and pack downs.

If you are a direct client or a trade customer, you can expect the same high level of service that has seen Expo AV grow to be the number one Audio Visual rental company in the Perth Exhibition marketplace.

So if you are attending an expo, holding a training event or function and require equipment such as :

  • LED TV Screens 32" – 70"   (Over 150 held locally in Perth)
  • Video Walls
  • PA Amplifiers, Speakers, Microphones, Lecterns, Radio Mics
  • Laptops, Computers, Printers, Network Switches
  • iPads, iPad Stands
  • Touchscreens 23", 32" 47" & 65"
  • Media Players, DVD & Bluray
  • Plasma Floor Stands, Wall mount kits, Octanorm mounting solutions
  • Data Projectors, pull up screens, tripod screens, remote mouse laser pointers
  • Small Booth Audio enhancement
  • Internet Kiosks / Internet Cafe’s 

then please give us a call or send us an email to discuss how we can help you enhance your next expo, trade show, training event, presentation or any other event that can benefit from the addition of enhanced audio and video equipment.

Please call on the number below.

Video Wall Hire

Video Wall Hire

Expo AV is pleased to announce that we can now provide clients with high-quality Samsung video wall technology stocked locally in Perth.

Picture of a Samsung Video Wall for use in trade show, exhibitions and events in Perth Western Australia

Available in configurations of 2x2 or 3x3 this stunning video wall will provide your next exhibition stand with the visual impact to get you noticed.

Shown above on the free-standing Samsung factory pedestal stands is the 40" 2x2 configuration. This can also be supplied in a 3x3 wall. We also have wall mountable 46" panels.   The video wall can be positioned on stage or catwalks and sits neatly into a 3m x 3m standard booth.  It can also be mounted or built into custom stands for maximum impact.

This is a stunning way to promote your event or make a high impact in the foyer or entrance. A stunning way to showcase a live video feed to your audience or VIP tent.

As you would expect, this video wall accepts a multitude of video inputs - Component, Composite, VGA, HDMI but you can leave all the technical aspects to us. We can provide playback equipment such as HDMI Laptops & DVD players, media players, etc. Just bring along your content and we'll do the rest.

Video Wall Hire Perth - Custom Stand Builders

As you may have gathered, Expo AV specialises in providing audiovisual products and services on a short term hire basis for exhibitions held in Western Australia. We understand the exhibition business inside out and understand the planning that goes into custom stand design. Our technicians will be happy to work with your designers and build team to ensure any audiovisual sourced through Expo AV is going to fit and provide the results to impress your exhibition attendees.

Picture of various configurations of video walls used in exhibitions and trade shows in Western Australia

Adding a video wall to your booth or custom stand provides the ultimate visual impact and let's face it, the purpose of any trade show or exhibition stand is to attract the attention of your potential clients.

If you are thinking Video Wall Perth , then please give us a call on the number below and well be happy to tailor a solution for your next exhibition in Perth and surrounding areas.


Event Planners

Are you an event or function Manager in Perth ?

Av hire for events and functions in Perth Western Australia

Do you need to organise audio equipment such as

  • Small PA Systems
  • Large PA systems with multiple input mixers
  • Radio Microphones
  • Lecterns
  • Computers, Laptops and Printers

or would you like enhance your event with movement and colour using

  • Large Screen High Definition TV's 32" - 70"
  • Projectors and pull up screens
  • Free standing floor stands for screens up to 70" (Perfect for venue entrances)
  • Massive impact small and large video walls

Do you need technical assistance for a smooth event ?

Do you need access to a massive rental fleet of audio visual equipment that you can call on at any time ?

If the answer to any of these is yes, then why not partner with Expo AV to maximise your options and revenue potential, safe in the knowledge that you have back up and technical resources to ensure your events AV runs without a hitch.

We're ready and waiting to work with you to create opportunities for additional sales and revenue for your event or function business.

We'd like to become your AV department that you can call on 24/7 and save you the hassle of buying equipment or employing/training staff to service the AV requirements of your upcoming events.

Please give us a call & we can come and talk about your requirements and what we have that you can offer your clients .

To find out how we can provide your event with high quality fully supported AV equipment, please call the number below.

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