Computer Hire

In addition to our exhibition and event services, Expo AV can supply and set up large quantities of computer and networking equipment.

Exhibition Booth Computers and Laptops:

As part of an exhibition, we supply large-format plasma and LCD screens and in some cases a laptop or desktop computer to run it. Our laptops are all name brand IBM, Toshiba, or HP's with the latest updates and patches applied to ensure your hire experience is a good one.  All our laptops come with Microsoft Office which includes PowerPoint which is still the most popular presentation format in use, as well as several media player options so your content will play and loop without issues.

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Registration Desks and Internet Kiosks:

We have sufficient stock to meet the most demanding registration desk requirements.  Typically we supply desktop small form factor HP computers, networked together with laser printers for printing receipts where required.

We work closely with all the major venues in Perth to ensure network and internet access is available to meet your requirements.

If you require short term computer equipment for sales events, sporting event registrations, elections, or pretty much anything, we have you covered.

As well as laptop and desktop computers, we also carry a large stock of iPads for the ultimate in mobility during your event.

Computer Hire Perth - Training Rooms

Expo AV has a large stock holding of desktop and notebook computers available for your training room requirements.

A typical training event will require a small server for file sharing and up to 30 computers or laptops per room that are networked together and hooked up to the internet. On larger training forum events, we have setup up multiple training rooms in this format, as well as networked presentation rooms and auditoriums and speaker prep areas.

Let us know your requirements - we cater for everything from a single laptop to the largest annual Government training events.


Another aspect of our Computer Hire activities is supplying laptops used for voting in community forums.  In this style of event, one laptop is provided per table to enable groups of participants to respond or vote on questions or issues raised in the forum.  The laptops are networked back to a central server for the collation of results, which gives immediate feedback. Typically held in large open venues, Expo AV has the network infrastructure to set up forum events where equipment is temporary and spread over a wide area.

Internet Cafes

Some large exhibitions provide delegates and exhibitors with an Internet Cafe. We have large numbers of identical black widescreen monitors and computers that will provide a professional upmarket look. We also have the ability to lock down equipment so that access is restricted to nominated websites if required.

Our computer technicians have exceptional networking and technical ability, so there is rarely a scenario we are not able to meet.

Please call the number below to discuss your requirements.


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