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Projector Hire Perth

Expo AV specialises in providing audio visual and computer equipment to the exhibition and events industries in Perth, Western Australia. This of course includes data projector hire for use in training room, classroom or meeting room scenarios.

Typically Projector Hire options would entail a desktop data projector and either a tripod or pull up screen.

Picture of a Data Projector available in Perth Western Australia


Although we can provide wall mounted pull down screens for use in expo booths.

The majority of our hire projectors are Sony, as we feel these are a tier 1 manufactured product, with extreme reliability which means they won't let you down halfway through a presentation. Projector hire is fairly straight forward, although there are a few things you should bear in mind when renting a projector.

Firstly, can you control the light?  Even the brightest projector will struggle in direct sunlight. If your venue has a lot of glass without the ability to control the light with blinds or curtains, then the results will be disappointing.  If you cannot control the light, then we would strongly suggest renting a large format LED screen

Secondly, what projection surface do you have to work with?  Very often, a white or light coloured wall will do the trick when using a data projector, however, the results on shiny surfaces, such as a whiteboard can be problematic.  The safest bet is to opt for a free-standing projector screen. These come in a variety of sizes and formats.

Typically our most popular projector screen is the pull-up floor standing screen.

Picture of a Pull up data projector screen available for hire in Perth WA

These pull up projector screens are particularly useful for exhibition booths with limited space, as they can be set upright against the boot wall.

If you need a bigger 2-metre screen area for larger audiences, then the next option up is a traditional tripod screen.

Tripod Data Projector Screen available for hire in Perth Western Australia

The tripod screen works well in open areas and on stage, where you are able to get the projector 2 to 3 metres in front of the screen.  This isn't that suitable for a 3m x 3m exhibition stand, because the space between the projector and the screen cannot be used and it is difficult to get the data projector far enough from the screen so that the projected image fills the entire screen area.

Now being resourceful exhibition experts, we do have solutions for exhibition stands where clients insist on a projector.

The 1st stage is to devise a mounting solution for the particular shell scheme (the type of walls) being used and then to hang an installable projector screen in the booth.

Pull Down Projector Screen for exhibition booth walls, available for hire in Perth WA

Having a proper high quality pull down screen will give you way way better results both in terms of aesthetics and image quality than trying to pin a sheet to the booth wall or velcro'ing a square of white plastic, both of which are common mistakes that result in a poor presentation to the prospective clients you are trying to impress.

Please call the number below to discuss your requirements and we'll be happy to advise on the best solution for the presentation environment.

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