Public Address PA Hire

If you need to be heard above the crowd, then we can provide the solutions.

Whether you need a PA system for a small room or a large gathering, we have an extensive range of PA systems and amplifiers to get you heard.

PA Equipment and Public address systems for hire in Western Australia

Starting with self-contained spruiker boxes and a choice of handheld, lapel, or head-worn microphones, this option is perfect for subtle audio enhancement in a trade show environment, especially where audio restrictions may be in place.  These can also be useful to enhance the audio from a TV, where the inbuilt audio just doesn't cut it.

For stylish or upmarket custom stands, you probably don't want a big black box cluttering up the stand.  This is where our installable PA Amplifiers and stylish JBL speakers come into play - these small but powerful speakers deliver quality audio on your stand but are visually subtle.

installable audio for exhibition booths

They can be connected to multiple audio sources like radio microphones for presenters, laptops, DVD players or pretty much any audio source.

For larger venues or coverage our selection of large mixer amps and passive EV speakers will cover large areas both inside and out.

The speakers can be daisy-chained to cover large distances and deliver crystal clear voice and audio to large gatherings.

Large PA Speaker system hire in WA

We stock and supply a vast array of audio options, including quality corded microphones. Head-worn, lapel and hand help radio microphones, mic stands, and all our amps accept multiple input sources to make mixing or switching between laptops, audio devices & microphones simple.


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